Avantgarde Jewels have been manufacturing and supplying the global body piercing industry for decades.

Our team is passionate about Body Piercing and that shows in our high-quality products and the service we provide. All our body jewellery is tested to comply with the EU Nickel Directive. Our online links to our amazon store provide hassle free purchase for body piercing specialists and novice body jewellery retailers. We understand your piercing requirements. We try to manufacture most items and when we do not, we have long standing relationships with our suppliers, which means the products are always the same from one order to the next.

An assurance of the quality of the material we use. Our steel is surgical 316L and our titanium is Grade 23. We do not use cheaper steel 303 or 304 for our bigger pieces (flesh tunnels, plugs) like some of our competitors.

We offer exclusive styles of body jewellery including Industrial Barbells, Belly Button Rings, Captive Bead Rings(CBR), Circular Barbells / Horse Shoes, Dermal Anchors, Eyebrow Rings, Labrets, Nipple Jewellery, Plugs / Ear Gauges, Piercing Retainers, Tapers, Twist, Display Unit, Piercing Tools, Internally Threaded and Gemmed Body Jewellery, Micro-Dermal Anchors and Tops.

We are committed to providing the highest quality jewellery available combined with excellent customer support, and the most competitive prices in the industry.